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Managed Services

Managed Services

Does your business have an effective plan of action for handling computer or security related issues when they arise? Considering the current state of our economy, not all businesses can afford to have a full time IT staff, and down time caused by issues that could have been prevented by taking a proactive approach to IT management is never cost-effective. The Wired Mouse offers dynamic and affordable managed service solutions for Asheville area businesses.

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System Monitoring

The Wired Mouse offers managed services as a proactive approach to IT. Utilizing a wide variety of features such as system monitoring and offsite data backup enables our team to isolate and resolve issues before they interrupt your workflow. 


  • Monitor all critical aspects of system health and performance
  • Prevent downtime - Save $$$
  • Improve security internally and externally
  • Monitoring of all systems used within an organization

Offsite Data Backup

It is a fact that computers and especially hard drives will eventually fail.  The most effective approach in response to this fact is to periodically backup any system containing valuable data before a catastrophe happens. Too many companies end up going out of business as a result of data loss. This can easily be prevented by implementing automated off-site backups to prevent this type of circumstance.


  • Automated backups
  • Daily email reports
  • Quick and easy restoration
  • Immediate access

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing covers a wide array of functions including email, file sharing, accessing applications over the Internet, and much more. Cloud computing can provide an easy and secure way to manage data across the board, while also eliminating the high costs of maintaining and replacing expensive hardware.  To learn more about how your business can leverage the power of cloud computing to achieve greater security, improved performance, and significant cost savings, contact us today.


  • Application hosting
  • No equipment or maintenance fees
  • Centralized data storage with free backups
  • Access from anywhere

Meraki Partnership

The industry’s first cloud-controlled networking equipment provider, Meraki, brings the benefits of the cloud to enterprise networking, delivering easy to use, cost-effective wired and wireless networks than can be centrally managed and monitored over the web.

  • Deploys in minutes without training or certifications
  • Advanced cloud-based security and control
  • Up to 50% lower TCO than traditional solutions

The Wired Mouse has partnered with Meraki to provide premium cloud-managed network services to North Carolina. For more information on Meraki, visit our Meraki Cloud Managed Services page.

Unified Threat Management

Information security means protecting information and networks from unauthorized access. A UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance serves as a gateway to keep your critical business data safe from unwanted eyes.

The deployment of a UTM appliance allows one device to manage all critical aspects of your network’s security. In the past, a typical setup consisted of several separate components managing each individual network security function.  Utilizing our modern approach, potential points of failure are minimized and reporting of activity is centralized.


  • Website content filtering
  • Load balancing
  • Network activity logs
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Stop viruses at the door
  • SPAM filtering

Dedicated Servers

The Wired Mouse offers dedicated servers from trusted manufacturers at reasonable rates. With a variety of custom server configurations, our dedicated server solutions can be optimized for a variety of applications.

Services Include

  • hardware operations
  • multiple operating systems
  • data backup
  • monitoring services
  • technical support.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with your custom dedicated server solution.

Website Hosting

The Wired Mouse offers locally owned and maintained website hosting.


  • Maximum disk storage
  • Domain name services
  • Support for international domain Names
  • Sub domains
  • Add-on domains
  • Secure e-mail support
  • E-mail forwarding
  • Web file management
  • E-commerce hosting packages
  • Multimedia hosting
  • Site promotion
  • Hotlink protection
  • Spam assassin protection
  • Search engine submission

High Availability Internet

A high availability internet solution provides internet failover by using two independent internet service providers. This enables organizations to keep working when one connection goes down.


  • Redundant connections
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Minimize downtime

PCI Compliance

If you accept credit cards as a form of payment, you are required by law to be PCI compliant. The Wired Mouse offers services which will ensure that your company (either ‘point-of-sale’ locations or internet-based) is PCI compliant.  Contact us today for more information.